• Hillsborough Mitchell Master Pump Station

    This project was challenging which is what TLC thrives on! The more risky and challenging, the better. We had to bypass the entire master pump station while also excavating down 26 feet in between the two existing twelve foot dia. wet wells in order to install a 20″ crossover pipe. The crew got it done and did it exceptionally well with safety at the top of the priority order!

Hillsborough County
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URS Corp.
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Project Details

Complete rehabilitation of two existing wet wells along with new 8′ diameter doghouse manhole on the existing 30″ gravity sewer. New electrical building complete with MCC and climate controlled space. New permanent bypass emergency pump with bypass suction/discharge HDPE pipe and connections. New pumps, discharge piping, top slabs, guide rails/base ells and level transducers. New concrete site slab, perimeter fence, driveway, and area lighting.