Vendors / Subcontractors

We understand small business.

Working with TLC

Since inception we have formed many amicable relationships with subcontractors and suppliers across the southeast. Knowing the importance of having a strong relationship with our teammates on projects, we make every effort towards ensuring that good work is commended and product built per spec is highly acknowledged. In addition to a strong working relationship with sub’s and suppliers we are known for our impeccable fiscal responsibility as well as prompt payments.

Minority & Small Business Opportunities

TLC is committed to offering Maximum Practicable (MaxPrac) Opportunity for Small Business (SB), Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB), Women-Owned Small Business (WOSB), and Minority-Owned Business (MOB) concerns to participate as subcontractors on all our projects.

Efforts to provide the maximum practicable subcontracting opportunities for small business concerns may include, as appropriate for the procurement, one or more of the following actions:


Breaking out work requirements

Into economically feasible units, as appropriate, to facilitate minority and small business participation.

Soliciting MBE & SBE concerns

As early in the acquisition process as practicable to allow them sufficient time to submit a timely offer for the subcontract.

Providing interested MBE & SBE concerns

With adequate and timely information about the plans, specifications, and requirements for performance of the prime contract to assist them in submitting a timely offer for the subcontract.

Direction & Assistance to SBA

Directing small businesses that need additional assistance to SBA.

Free online plan-room

Providing a free online plan-room directly through the TLC website which allows for MBE and SBE concerns to have access to all bid related documents.

Utilization available services to register with SBA

Utilizing the available services of minority and small business associations; local, state, Federal small business assistance offices, and other organizations and encourage small business entities to register with SBA.

Advertising subcontracting opportunities

Advertising subcontracting opportunities by sending emails to minority and small business concerns local to that particular jobsite.

Keeping the playing field level

Allowing all bidders reasonable time to respond and providing the same information to all prospective subcontractors.

Assistance in acquiring insurance, lines of credit, etc.

Assisting interested minority and small businesses in obtaining bonding, lines of credit, required insurance, necessary equipment, supplies, materials, or services.


Work with a company you can trust.

If you are interested in providing a proposal to TLC Diversified for one or more of the projects we’re currently working on or in the process of bidding, feel free to contact our estimating department through the online plan-room.