Potable Water

Our experience with potable water treatment and movement spreads across a wide array of processes. Our management team brings with it a combined 100 plus years of experience in RO treatment, fluoride chemical systems, sand filtration, potable water mains, high service pump stations, raw water wells and a multitude of other treatment/movement processes relating to Florida’s most valuable natural resource.


Whether it be a 30 foot deep sewage lift station, 25 foot deep gravity sewer run, or a state-of-the-art Advanced Headworks structure, our Superintendents and Project Managers have seen just about everything relating to wastewater treatment and sewage collection systems. Since 1985 we have installed approximately 100 lift stations by the caisson/tremie installation method, and another 150 by the open-cut/tight-sheeting method for monolithic base slab structures. When it comes to the process equipment installations and commissioning our mechanical crews are second to none. Give us a try.

reclaimed water

When it comes to reclaimed water and the pumping/distribution mains needed to move water from point A to point B, or the injections wells for aquifer storage, or even ground storage tanks to keep up with capacity, our company is well rounded when it comes to all phases of the construction and commissioning of these systems. We understand the importance and value this has to our local communities and governing bodies. Quite simply there’s nothing we can’t do and no task too challenging for us.


City of Orlando - Conserv II WRF Improvements

City of Bunnell - Ion Exchange Water Treatment Plant

Reclaim Water System Booster Pumping Stations

Remedial Action Plan Water Treatment Facility

Venice Gardens WRF Expansion to 3.0 MGD

Sodium Aluminate & Sodium Bisulfite Feed Systems