Hillsborough County Valrico Headworks


Valrico, FL

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$9.0 Million

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Design – Bid – Build


Hillsborough County Valrico Headworks

This project involved the construction of a new headworks facility rated for a 25MGD treatment facility. The structure itself included 1,900 cubic yards of concrete that was poured-in-place by TLC’s in-house from carpenters and finishers. The structure foundation was supported with an auger cast pile system that provided a soil bearing capacity of 2,500 psf. The project involved over 4,000 feet of 12″ to 36″ DI and PVC piping and valves, as well as a 24″ and 30″ wet tap and line stop. The scope of work also involved the bypass of the Primary Digester Tank so that a complete removal of all settled solids and grit could be removed. We furnished and installed all new degritting equipment, mechanical screens, slide gates, variable frequency drives, new 480v motor control center, main electrical distribution system with concrete duct banks, wiring provisions for process instrumentation and programmable logic controllers, lightning protection system, grit pumping and dewatering equipment, auto-sampling equipment, raw sewage influent flow metering and monitoring equipment, LED lighting system, as well as an odor control treatment facility. After start-up and commissioning was complete, we demolished the entire existing headworks structure and all associated paving, concrete, piping, etc.