Pinellas Boca Ciega Subaqueous Crossing


St. Petersberg, FL

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$6.5 Million

Delivery Method

Design – Bid – Build


APWA Project of the Year Environmental – West Coast Chapter


Pinellas Boca Ciega Subaqueous Crossing

With an aging and fragile 24-inch PCCP line installed across the Boca Ciega Bayou in the 1960s by direct bury methods, Pinellas County Utilities was in dire need of replacing this line for environemental and capacity reasons. The project involved a new 24-inch, DR-18, C-905, FPVC sewage forcemain installed by HDD method under the Boca Ciega Bay. The total depth of the drill was 70 feet below the surface with a total length of 4,100 feet in one single drill and pull. The project also involved 2,900 feet of open cut 24-inch forcemain with 24-inch x 18-inch line stops on PCCP and DIP along with two 24-inch hot taps. There was heavy traffic control due to tie-ins being under an intersection and also along the Pinellas Trail. Work included asphalt paving, sodding, etc.