Sarasota County Venice Gardens Headworks


Venice, FL

Client Type


Project Type

Headworks, Wastewater Treatment Plant


$5.2 Million

Delivery Method

Design – Bid – Build


Sarasota County Venice Gardens Headworks

This project involved the expansion of the existing WRF from 2.0 MGD to 3.0 MGD. The expansion consisted of construction of a new headworks with automated screens, slide gates and a complete grit removal system; new ductile iron piping, fittings and valves ranging in sizes from 06″ to 36″ diameter.

Once the new headworks facility was online we demolished the existing headworks. Scope also included modifications to the existing biological reactors including grit and sludge removal to an approved off-site facility; two new anoxic zone mixers with walkways; new RAS and IMLR pumps along with a new aeration blower; LED light systems, lightning protection, 480v motor control center, variable frequency drives, main power distribution and grounding as well as instrumentation and controls including programmable logic controllers. The poured-in-place concrete was performed 100% by TLC’s in-house form carpenters and finishers.